A Robert A. M. Stern Building

20 East End Avenue

The Classic Design of 20 East End Avenue

Architect Robert A.M. Stern is one of the foremost designers who shaped what we now know as the classic New York City aesthetic. Coining his unique approach “modern traditionalism,” Stern designed his creations to harken back to a more classical era while still remaining contemporary and exciting. His buildings pay homage to the atmosphere of the neighborhoods in which they reside in a celebrated practice of preservation through innovation.

The prestigious Upper East Side of Manhattan is home to many of the most iconic structures in the city. It's an area that has become known for the amenities and attractions of the neighborhood as much as for its luxurious apartments and timeless architecture. To stand out as an Upper East Side apartment—or more accurately, to fit in—a building needs to be as striking and classic as it is distinct. Enter 20 East End Avenue.

With his new Upper East Side condo project, Stern is continuing his practice of creating classic structures that are influenced by the NYC icons of the 1920s and updated with a distinct point of view. 20 East End Avenue has an elegant, layered aesthetic with terraces and setback balconies that rise to the peak of the structure in a vibrant bouquet of Indiana limestone. Massive windows line the building, infusing its apartments with natural light and helping to form the Neoclassical atmosphere that 20 East End Avenue exudes. Much of what sets Stern’s creations apart is his scrupulous attention to detail: Every inch of each of his structures is designed to fit in a distinct way to form a masterfully stunning finish.

Every aspect of 20 East End Avenue fits into the quintessential New York aesthetic. It’s powerful and yet refined, substantial yet elegant, and it brims with a vibrancy and sense of history while still featuring the most modern amenities available. The interior boasts a stunning grand staircase that connects the suites on the Lower Level with the Second Floor, as well as a sprawling private dining area and an expansive wine cellar. Standing at 17 stories with 43 two- to six-bedroom apartments, 20 East End Avenue also has three townhouses and two penthouses.

As with many of Stern’s buildings, 20 East End Avenue is in many ways a mirror of the environment that surrounds it. While his meticulous attention to detail connects new structures to those that came before them, he still manages to maintain an innovative spirit in the process. 20 East End Avenue does not aim to redefine the Upper East Side apartment, but rather reinterprets and improves upon the timeless icons of the area. Stern’s creations serve to bridge the enigmatic pulse of the city during the rapid urbanization of the 1920s and 1930s with the new invigorating development occurring today. As Stern himself said about 20 East End Avenue, “This will be an apartment building for today and tomorrow.”

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